UTC Aerospace Systems Debuts Rapid Deployment of InteliSight™ Aircraft Intelligence

UTC Aerospace Systems Debuts Rapid Deployment of InteliSight™ Aircraft Intelligence

UTC Aerospace Systems’ InteliSight™ platform revolutionizes new installation option to enable rapid, fleet-wide deployment of an intelligent aircraft ecosystem in weeks vs. months

FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW, July 16, 2018 – UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), today announced a compact form of the company’s InteliSight™ platform for rapid hardware installation of the Aircraft Interface Device (AID) and Tablet Interface Management (TIM®). The rapid installation represents a 90% reduction in overall installation time compared to a traditional installation.  The new installation process can be completed within hours, or overnight at the gate to accommodate the operator’s schedule.  The rapid deployment of Intelisight provides all the functionality most often requested in an aircraft connectivity solution while significantly cutting fleet-wide deployment time. Operators now have the opportunity to connect their entire fleet to the airlines’ network within days and immediately receive valuable aircraft data.

This rapid installation is certified for the Boeing 737 fleet under FAA STC ST03360CH, and EASA STC 10062139.

This installation functionality includes: aircraft position for moving map, access to fuel and performance information, and recording and transmission of aircraft flight data. It is also a streamlined path to the full installation of the InteliSight platform; by starting with the rapid deployment option, airlines can easily upgrade to a full installation during regular maintenance checks, including reuse of the TIM and AID.

“InteliSight technology and solutions from UTC Aerospace Systems are the emerging industry standard, applicable to all major airframes. We are the first to offer a certified solution which consists of a fully functionally Aircraft Interface Device (AID) with integrated cellular and Wi-Fi connections for rapid installation. With our advanced installation process, customers may now enable advanced flight operations with minimal fleet down time,” said Mark Skarohlid, Vice President of Business Development for Sensors & Integrated Systems. “By providing operators the data required to optimize flight operations and mitigate disruptions, InteliSight is the first step to a fully intelligent and connected flight.”

The InteliSight platform integrates hardware and software applications to deliver critical information to flight crews and timely data to airline operators. Access to this data allows operators to make the best possible decisions for flight operations, along with aircraft component health monitoring to improve operational efficiency. The InteliSight platform is aircraft and mobile technology agnostic, and can be tailored to specific operator requirements. The platform has been certified on a wide range of aircraft platforms and validated with major global airworthiness authorities.

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