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Electronic Flight Bags

UTC Aerospace Systems Electronic Flight Bag hardware and software solutions enable operators of all types of
aircraft to use and manage aircraft data to help increase operational efficiency and enhance flight safety.

OpsInsight™ Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)
  • First app designed around a day in the life of a pilot
  • Connects user to aircraft via existing UTC Aerospace Systems Tablet Interface Module (TIM®) and Aircraft Interface Device (AID)
  • Enables improvements in operational efficiency by integrating the following with real-time updates and notifications:
    • Flight planning
    • Avionics data
    • Flight performance tracking
    • Weather data
    Electronic Flight Bags For Use With IPad
Flight Tracking Capabilities
Provides the security of continuous in-flight position monitoring and aircraft health reporting.
  • Communicates seamlessly through SATCOM or ACARS
  • Utilizes existing Aircraft Data Management hardware
  • Intelligent monitoring and reporting
  • Provides cost-effective integration and upgrade capabilities
Tablet Electronic Flight Bag Systems
These light-weight, low-cost systems are easy to install and can be used on every type of aircraft.
  • Turns a tablet into a fully functional Class 2 EFB system
  • Provides conditioned power and aircraft data to tablets
  • Provides growth path to NextGen/SESAR
    Class 2 Electronic Flight Bags Made For Use With IPad
SmartDisplay® Electronic Flight Bag Systems
Installed in the flight deck, these systems are perfect for commercial and military aircraft.
  • Provides reliable avionics grade hardware
  • Offers unparalleled level of aircraft systems connectivity
  • Includes multi-touch display
  • Hosts certified and non-certified software applications
  • Provides platform for NextGen/SESAR
EFB Applications & Content Management
EFB Systems for Military Aircraft
  • Increased situational awareness for today’s warfighter
  • Mobile access to real-time data and critical mission-related information
  • Own-ship positioning for obstacle avoidance

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EFB Video
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View our video to see how our tablet Electronic Flight Bag enables tablets to interface with avionics and display key aircraft data.

"Smarter" Electronic Flight Bags help save time and fuel -- UTC Aerospace Systems to Provide "Connected" Flight Deck to Hawaiian Airlines.
UTC Aerospace Systems to increase operational efficiency of airline crews with new industry-first mobile app.
UTC Aerospace Systems Adds Universal In-Flight Aircraft Health Monitoring and Automated Flight Tracking Capabilities


Big Data helps UTC Aerospace Systems monitor health and position of aircraft in flight


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Fact Sheets

View our fact sheets to learn more about UTC Aerospace Systems electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions.

OpsInsight™ Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)

Tablet EFB Systems (TIM®)

Aircraft Interface Device (AID)

SmartDisplay® EFB G700 Series

Electronic Flight Bag Software Applications

Flight Tracking Capabilities

EFB Systems for Military Aircraft